Submerged Loading System

The Submerged Loading System (SLS) from Nautilus Subsea is the most cost effective and reliable technical solution offered to the market. With delivery of swivel and connector from our close collaborators ScanaOffshore and Freudenberg Oil & Gas Technologies we deliver a complete integrated solution.

Delivery of a
complete system

Swivel and connectors with sealing solutions are delivered by our close collaborators Scana Offshore and Freudenberg Oil & Gas Technologies.


The Submerged Loading System (SLS) from Nautilus Subsea is commercially competitive.

The system can be installed as one or in parts, and offers easy replacement of components.

Due to the intelligent design – no dynamic loads are transferred to the seal.

Alignment system

The Subsea Loading System is delivered with H-Mode as the horizontal tie-in system.

The H-Mode tie-in system is qualified and tested with the Optima® Subsea Connector from Freudenberg Oil & Gas Technologies