High impact covers

Nautilus Subsea AS performed 3D design and analysis of high impact dropped object protection (DOP) for the riser platform at the Johan Sverdrup field.

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The Johan Sverdrup Field is an oil discovery in licenses PL265, PL501 and PL502 in the Norwegian sector of the North Sea. The distances to Grane in the north, Sleipner in the south and Stavanger in the east are approximately 40, 65 and 140 km. The water depth in the area is in the range of 106-120 meter.

As part of the layout design the requirements for protection of all Phase 2 pipelines and cables connecting to the riser platform at the field centre will be established.

The study included 3D design of steel protection covers to withstand an established impact energy of 1400kJ, at the event of e.g. container impact.

The analyses was performed with ANSYS Mechanical with both transient implicit analysis and explicit analysis to include material errosion. DNVGL-RP-C208 was used as the design code for e.g. model calibration.